This time of year you can find some amazing deals on just about everything.  Believe me, I like to indulge in the holiday deals but I love it even more when I can style the pieces that I already own and create a look that I am excited about. I was lucky enough to find some oldies but goodies and added some new accessories to create this look! 

I remember I purchased this plaid pencil skirt from Old Navy I loved it so much that I had to purchase the blue version as well. I adore the high waist style of this skirt. I decided to add a red turtle to allow the red in the skirt to pop. 

 I love this color combo and probably at one time would not have thought about wearing them together but luckily I am fashionista who has evolved. I love trying new things it keeps it new and fresh.
 I have had a fascination with fur stoles this year and knew when I saw this beauty at Express I just knew it had to be mine. I love the ombre effect and I can see this in constant rotation this fall and winter.  A piece that you can certainly style so many ways. 

 It's amazing the things you find in your closet that you forget about. It is kind of like life you are always on the search for something new and exciting and forgetting all the fabulous that we have at home.  I am learning to appreciate the things that I already have and that doesn't mean that you shouldn't aspire for more because you should always be willing to work and grow. 

I love the versatility of this fur stole changing look is very simple. My kind of fabulous simple and affordable! 
 I even had these colored tights from last year I thought they finished the look quite nicely it's amazing how simple accessories can take your entire look a notch.

 I thought this color block coat would add some pattern mixing and at first I wasn't quite sure then the more I looked at it the more I liked. It's always fun to experiment with fashion. This coat is another one of my favorites and I feel deserves another appearance in 2017.

What about you fashionistas do you get as excited as I do when you rediscover pieces that you forgot about and are able to feel just as fabulous as you did the first time you wore it? 

Thank you, my fabulous friends, for stopping by! I am looking forward to posting more of my favorite looks so stay tuned ! Hope you are having wonderful holiday season.

                                                     XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie