Red is the hot color for fall of 2017 but for me, it is one I wear on the regular. I just love the way it makes me feel and I am that girl that wears the colors I like and make me feel good it doesn't matter if it's the in color or not but in this case I guess I am in. When I wear red it makes me feel bold and sexy it's amazing how something as simple as the color you wear, can have such an effect on that the way you feel. 


I wanted to share some of the items that are on my " Red Wish List " and let me tell you there are plenty to choose from so much so that I really had to narrow them down.  I have featured all types of red goodness in this post. Also you can click on the links below the picture to show you where they are available.  

Fringe Dress (here), Red Ruffle Dress plus (here), Jumpsuit (here), Skirt (here) Off shoulder dress (here)
There is nothing quite as sexy as a red dress. Something so powerful and sexy about an amazing red dress . I know they always say you should have that perfect LBD but I firmly believe that you need a red hot dress that turns heads.

Bell Sleeve (here), Lace Sleeve plus (here), Leather Jacket (here), Blouse (here), Bell sleeve plus(here)

If you are interested in wearing all red why not break it down with a jacket top or sweater. I love separates because they are buildable pieces that you create different looks. So many shades of red I guarantee there is one that will look amazing on you. 

Necklace (here), Ruby Woo Lipstick (here), Red Boots (here), Red Gloves (here), Bag (here)

 Nothing like finishing off your look with gorgeous accessories and when they are red hot that makes it even better. I love all of these items but those red shoes with the bow are like #1 on my wish list so lovely. 

So are you loving the color red as much as I do? Some perfect holiday options in this post and much more to choose from. So let's go bold with red! 

        Thank you so much for stopping by it means so much to me! Happy Shopping everyone. 

                                                 XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie