I can't believe that it has been 2 years ago that I pushed that publish button for the first time.(see here). All I can say is Wow... and Thank you for reading. What started as just a woman talking about all her fashionable deals turned into so much more.  This blog has been my best friend , my creative outlet and my platform in a time that I needed it the most.  When I first started this blog I was at a time in my life that I felt stagnant , irrelevant  and just empty. I was 40 years old , a single mother to 2 wonderful kids and full time worker .  I had forgotten who Mary really was. .I needed something more .. I needed a voice .  Curlybyrdie Chirps has forever changed my life for the better.

This blog has taken me to places I never thought I would go ,introduced me to some pretty wonderful people and opened many doors for me but most importantly it had given me something that I had lacked for most of my life and that is confidence. When I sit back and reflect and realize that this is something I created on my own it is such a rewarding feeling. It's kind of like that feeling when a mother gives birth to a child and she watches it grow into to adult .   I never in a million years would have thought  I would have women inboxing me telling me that I inspire them.  It makes me teary eyed and humbles me everytime I think about it.

Now for Curlybyrdie Chirp's  Birthday I had to wear something kind of special and darlings this skirt is such perfection. When I saw this on +Ann Taylor .com I knew I loved it but when I actually saw this beauty in person I was even more impressed . The quality is superb and the cut of this is perfect  for any figure. I decided to make it even more special by adding this super cute bow top from the Lauren Conrad Minnie Mouse collection  from +Kohl's  The navy blue bow belt was a wonderful way to top of this look to celebrate such a special day in my life and in true Curlybyrdie style it was only $10 from the Limited... Woot Woot... the things that make me smile :)

I want to thank you for reading and remember to follow your passion no matter how ridiculous others may think it sounds . Believe me I had friends and family members looking at me like.. ok we don't get this whole picture taking with all these clothes.. People don't see your vision... the important thing is that it is clear to you!

My Look
Skirt - Ann Taylor
Top - Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
Belt - The Limited
Shoes - Target

Mary aka Curlybyrdie