Now sometimes when I do blog posts and there are looks that somehow don't make it to a blogpost for one reason or another.  I think that if I posted everything I wore every single day I would be posting non stop and lets face it this is one busy lady. Between kids, work and trying to handle everything else as a single Mom my time is very limited. So I thought I would do a brief  recap of 2 of my favorite looks over the last week or so and can you believe that they both are dresses... imagine that.. As you know I am totally a girly girl.. a dress girl, a modern day June Cleaver.. LOL !  So without  further ado here they are .

The first dress  I wanted to highlight is  a near perfect LBD by Calvin Klein and I wish I could take credit for finding this beauty but it was my  lil sister ... aka mini me.. aka single black female  (if you seen that movie than you know what I mean LOL)who found this dress on Carson's website and it was it was marked down to yellow dot with additional 30% off ... uh yes add to Cart for the 2 curly sisters. I just love the classic silhouette  and the hint of sexiness with the cutouts. I added a statement necklace with my favorite Anne Klein bag and my classy sexy look was born.

My Look - Modern Day June Cleaver
Dress -Calvin Klein - Carson's - from July 29- Aug 1 use code DOTBTSJLY15 for 30% off yellow and black dot
Bag - Anne Klein - Carson's sim
Shoes - Mossimo - Target
Statement Necklace - New York and Company ( old)

My 2nd look is totally opposite it is more of a boho look that I am finding out that I am liking more and more . I fell in love with the colors of this dress they are vibrant but still has a romantic vibe.  I wanted to add some cute nude wedges and most of all a  hat. This is a perfect look for those downtown festivals and to think I was able to run across this beauty for only $10 in store  ... Woot Woot and what makes this even better this dress could totally be transitioned to fall with the help of some tan booties .. I can't wait to restyle this fabulous frock for cooler temperatures .

My Look -Romantic Coachella Look

Dress - H and M- this is reg price online. Try your local store for clearance price
Sandals - Express - sim
Bracelet- NY and Company (sim)

              It's fun to change up your style up once in awhile. Which one is your favorite?

                                                Have a Wonderful rest of the week
                                                             Stay Fabulous

                                         XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie