There is nothing I love more than finding an awesome deal on a piece of clothing especially a dress ..Lol but what makes it even more fun is finding different ways to style it. You know how I am about deals so when I discover I can create many looks with one piece than ladies I am like.. woot woot!  It's called more bang for your buck.. I am not sure what was more exciting styling this ..or getting my teenage son to take these photos .. I will let you take a wild guess ..He just doesn't seem to share my enthusiasm. LOL

Look 1 - Casual Chic -  I decided to wear this dress open with a simple tank and some skinny crop pants and added those classic pumps and out the door I go. I would totally wear this look to the mall, to the movies or for quick bite to eat and the awesome thing about this whole look it was very inexpensive but without sacrificing quality .

Dress - H&M here $10
Skinny Crops - The Loft $15
Shoes - Target - Clearance
Bag - Anne Klein - Carson's sim

My 2nd  Look - After Work Cocktails - I thought that I would style this with a subtle sexy look that would be appropriate for leaving the office and heading for a few drinks with the girls . I added a tank dress underneath and unbuttoned a few of buttons at the bottom to show off a little leg giving it a subtle sexy look.
Shoes - Rock and Republic via Kohl's sim
What look do you like best? Do you have a certain piece that you use about a 100 different ways?
I hope you Fashionista's are having an awesome start of the month! We have a fresh new start all over again! Let's make it count!