There is nothing that I love discussing more than fashion which is obvious.. Lol so I was  so excited when the local newspaper contacted me about a article they were doing about staple pieces for your closet at well as shopping on a budget which is basically what I am all about. Now I couldn't think of a better place to have this conversation than my favorite store Jcpenney the place where I find so many of my fashionable items without spending outside my budget .  When you shop all these wonderful sales with coupons you will walk out the door with all those fundamental pieces needed to build that fabulous wardrobe.

Not only was I lucky enough to be featured in the article on The Journal Gazette (here)   . I was able to appear on a short video with fashion tips which is kind of new for this Fashionista but it was good getting out of my comfort zone and nice for all you wonderful readers  to get a chance to hear a voice behind these posts.  See video here

Curlybyrdie at Jcpenney

Items Featured on the Video

Halter Top - Worthington (here)
Maxi Skirt  - Worthngton (here)
A-Line - Worthington (here)
Green Bag- Liz Claiborne sim (here)
Necklace- Worthington(here)
Jumpsuit - Nicole Miller (here)
Jacket - Worthington (here)
Black Dress- MNG (here)
Kimono- ANA (here)
Long Necklace- Liz (here)

What staple items are must in your closet ?  How are your styling those items to create more looks ?

Thanks for reading