I seriously can not believe that it is already August and my kids are back in school next week!  I just feel like the summer just flashed by so quickly.. This will be the beginning of my son's high school experience and my daughter is a senior this year.. All I want to know is how do they keep getting older and I just keep getting younger.. LOL 

I am so excited to be start this month and week off with my Momentum Monday call. If you need a call to get you fired up to inspire you to think big in every area in your life than this definitely is a call that  you should be on.  This a call is designed for big thinkers individuals that want encouragement to live their best life and follow their dreams .I have been on all of these calls and each time I hang up I am truly inspired. I feel like I just have added a few more tools to my belt to build the life that I was destined to live.  You can join the Momentum Monday Facebook page here.

I thought since I am very excited to start this month off I thought I would highlight this special dress. It's special because I have seriously been stalking this dress for months.  It is made by Julia Jordan NYC and I was actually introduced to this brand by my sis and have been obsessed ever since. I just love the style and the quality . Now when it first came to my attention it was $158 and this frugal fashionista couldnt' even go there .. so I waited and finally able to score this baby for $59 from Carson's . This dress is just perfect.. the color the style I am definitely smitten with this one.

Are you Fashionista's happy it's August  ?  Do you have anything that you are excited about?

My Look

Dress - Julia Jordan Carson's
Shoes - Target
Gold Shoes - Jcpenney