I am still trying to get over the fact that it is August.. You know what that means getting close to putting the summer dresses and sandals away.. .. well maybe not put them totally away but learning how to transition them into the fall. I think it is the perfect way to get those creative juices flowing and it keeps things interesting

I know in the post I am typically just talking about my great finds and fashion and believe I defina4tley will be giving you the details on this super cute dress that I did pick up on a deal of course .. but I also wanted you to get to know me outside of my fashion box . So I decided to fill you in on 5 things that you didn't know about me. Nothing to heavy just a few fun facts.

1 ) I was petrified of birds since I was a little girl- I know this is crazy especially since my last name is Byrd.. but there was nothing more frightening than flock of birds landing anywhere close to me.... I still cringe!

2)I am a huge fan of Elvis Presley- True story you can blame that on my Mama considering that was the only music she played in the house growing up. We loved him so much we went to Memphis to see Graceland.. stayed in the Heartbreak Hotel .. ate at the Elvis Presley restaurant - yes we were pretty obsessed

3) I hated my Curlyhair growing up.- I wasted tons of money and time getting my hair relaxed and straightened every 2 weeks for years.  It was in my late 30 's that I embraced my big ole hair it's so funny the 2 things I disliked about myself ends up being my blogger identity .

4) My nickname is Sissy I mean my entire family call me this down to my nieces and nephews who call me Aunt Sissy . Some of my sisters friends even call me Sissy to this day .

5) My celebrity crush from 15 till now is the talented George Michael.. ok I know he doesn't like women but in my mind.. he is my one and only true love.. LOL . I bet you didn't see that one coming .

Let's move on to the details of this look of the day . This dress is made by Taylor which I am finding myself loving their dresses more and more. I was lucky enough to find this baby at Steinmart . I have recently rediscovered this store and what I love about them they have discounted items that are currently is stores such as Nordstrom's at a much higher price . This dress was normally $138 and I ended up getting it for $22 at Steinmart now what sweet deal . I think they will definitely see more of this Curlybyrdie . I love the deep red color which make it a dress that can transition easily into the fall by adding a jean jacket and booties or perhaps a leather moto jacket to give it some edge which made that $22 an even better deal!

My Look
Dress Just Taylor Steinmart
Shoes - Express - sim
Hat - Jcpenney sim
Necklace NY and Company

How are you Fashionista's planning your transition to cooler temperatures?