The wonderful thing about life is everyday that you wake up you have the chance to have  a do over.  If yesterday you didn't get a chance to complete everything you wanted to or you  fell of the band wagon in a area in your life every morning you have a chance to get it right . Like my Mom always said you can't change the past use each mistake as a lesson to better the next day. It took me many years to understand that but better late than never .

I had such a wonderful weekend but I didn't realize it at the time if that makes any sense. LOL . My Mom had a Garage sale . She was able to get rid of  some things and was able to get money while doing it.. I sat there with her Saturday and the best part of the day was when a very nice woman came not looking for clothes ran across some cute items that my Mom had on a table and than I directed her to the rack where I introduced her to this pretty white dress and she fell in love instantly . You have no idea how much satisfaction that brought me.  I love helping other Women find their pretty because I know the hats we all wear believe me I wear way to many for my comfort sometimes and we tend to forget about ourselves . I came to the realization that is ok to put yourself first sometimes because when you take care of you than you can be so much better in other areas of  our life..  I also created a vision board for a 30 day challenge group I am involved with. I have never done  one of these in my life and what started out as something else  I had to do turned into a fun project that really brought my dreams to life .

With it being 2nd week of August the Fall has been on my mind when it comes to fashion. As good as the sales are I refuse to by any article of clothing that I cannot transition into the cooler fall temps.  This global pattern maxi that I got from H and M at the reasonable price of $12  was a must have for this frugal fashionista . . I decided to go with a denim shirt and some wedges and adding a thick belt to singe in the waste. I found that when you are pear shape as myself that a belt really accentuates your waistline and balances everything out .  I used to hate these hips and thighs believe me but I learned to accept them and embrace what I viewed as my flaws .

My Look
Skirt - H and M  ( now $10)
Top - Kohl's ( old)
Belt - H&M $7
Shoes - Macy's (old)

Have a Wonderful week and new beginning!