I just love Saturday Mornings especially when the weather is beautiful . This Saturday I was able to have breakfast with my baby girl, well I guess she`s 17 so I suppose she is just a little past the baby stage . This is one of the rare moments that I'm not in a hurry. We got to sip on our coffee, eat our French toast and quiche( which by the way was the bomb.), and just talk about life . She is a senior in high school and I know these will soon be rare moments when she goes away to college, and believe me I get choked up every time I  think about it.  There is something about daughters . My son is a serious Mama's boy, but at 14 he really is starting to get more into the high school social scene. ( Lawd help me ) However, daughters are like your best friend; they connect more to you emotionally especially when you get past those early teen years.  Our relationship is kind of like that show that used to come on called Gilmore girls .. remember the mom is more flighty and fun loving .. the daughter very intellectual with a level head... that would be us all the way.   I admire her in so many ways she makes me so proud.  It's like a caterpillar growing wings and getting ready to fly .. I see you butterfly and Mama is proud.

My Look

Skirt - Jones New York - Carson's
Top - Marshall's $10
Necklace - Steve Madden - Carson's
Shoes - Express (sim)


                                 I hope you are having a perfect Saturday and thanks for stopping by!

                                                          XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie