My daughter who is 15 reminds me that I am not in my 20's anymore that I am 40 on the daily.  She hates when I shop in Juniors dept or any of "her " stores.  I wasn't aware she was a store owner.. who knew? LOL. Believe me I don't need a reminder that I am no longer 21..I am under no illusion that I am remotely close to my 20's and would definitely not want to be . Im ok with 40.. I am actually more than ok with it. I have way more confidence than I ever had in my 20's . I can remember when I was young and I thought 40 is sooo old.. washed up .. frumpy..When people say that 40 is the new 20.. Well I am not sure that I would take it that far but 40 is far from frumpy these days. I can remember woman at 40 when I came up would wear those house dresses around the house.. they looked like colorful moo moos.. I somehow always knew that would never be me. So no sweet daughter I will not be out buying tight minis' , crop tops or getting my belly button pierced but I will be shopping occasionally in stores such as Forever 21.

I found this dress on my Labor Day shopping haul. There was additional 50% off clearance at Forever 21 this weekend and I got this at a steel. I feel like I can style this so many ways and it's an excellent transition piece.   Have a wonderful Wednesday ladies!

Details on the look

Dress - Forever 21 Dress- $10
Shoes - Macys Shoes- Franco Sarto $18
Necklace - Kohls -$4