Well ladies we are at that halfway point again. I am starting to like Wednesdays a little more because I have an awesome Zumba class tonight. I love to dance and I don't get to do it much anymore . The latin moves are my favorite ... I see now that my hips are good for something. Only thing missing is there are no Margarita's .. Now that would be the ultimate Zumba class!

I am so excited to say that I was added to Midwest Syle Bloggers site.. I just love talking about fashion , hair products and etc. I love the fact this focuses on the Midwest with people not living in New York or LA. Style choices change depending on the area. I live a simple life in the Indiana and I want to feel like I'm a little fashionable. :)

I am in love with this midi convertible skirt from Jcpenny. I love the fact it can adjust to different lengths to change up the look. I am all about getting more bang for the buck!  I am quite sure I will be featuring this piece frequently because it is so awesome! I wish it came in other colors because I would definitely invest in more.. The top was from a recent H&M purchase and I fell in love it when I saw it online. When I went to the store all their clearance is buy 1 get 1..  They had rings for $1 and than you get one free..tons of jewelry , clothes and accessories. You fashionista's  should definitely check it out!  Have a wonderful Wednesday Ladies :)


Convertible skirt Jcp Bisou Bisou skirt - I had a coupon got this for $13
Top- Sequin Top - H&M - great price online $10 in store it would be buy 1 get 1
Shoes - Jcpenny from last year
Bracelet - gift from my Aunt and Uncle
Ring- Macys - Guess - old