It's Tuesday... lets look on the bright side at least it's not Monday.  I have 2 football games to attend tonight and I am hoping it doesn't get too cool this evening. I get so emotional at these games whob would have known years ago that I would be one of those Mom's.. the kind that yells in the stands.. and if my baby is out there .. please don't anyone talk to me I must concentrate. My 90 yr Grandmother tells me over the phone... U need to sit your butt down at those games you don't know what the heck is going on.. LOL.. I'm getting better though. When he first started years ago I would be even as bold to walk down to the field and ask.. " Do you plan on putting my son in the game' or my Daddy's favorite... " I think you have my son in the wrong position he needs to be a running back"

My look today is simple for a typical Tuesday in Indiana.  Please see details below and have a terrific Tuesday!

Top - Kohls Lauren Conrad $6
Pants -Kohls - Elle Ponte pants $7
Jacket- Kohls - Elle Ponte Peplum jackets $8
Shoes - Kohls - Lauren Conrad - $30
Necklace- Kohls- Jennifer Lopez $6
Bracelet- Kohls -Lauren Conrad