I am not sure if you tell but I am a product junkie when it comes to hair products. There you have it I said it. They say admitting the problem is the first step... LOL . You will find me lying on the couch in the evening watching You tube videos about curly hair . I am in love with the natural movement. How much easier life would have been for me if this would have happended when I was younger trying to tame all of this hair!  With this movement there is so many product offerings.. just when you thought you found your hg (holy grail) than something else comes along. 

So yesterday I went to Ulta on lunch to get the Giovanni leave in  after watching Lipstick n Curls youtube Curly hair routine! Her hair is beautiful  and I have heard alot of other Natralistas
rave about this and my other purchase was Organix Coconut Milk Conditioner . I have heard people talk about how much they love this as a leave in and as a co wash..

I did use the Organix Coconut Conditioner as a co wash and left a little in my hair as a leave in.  Than I added Giovanni leave in after I parted in 2 sections sealed with Coconut Oil. I smoothed a little Shea Moistur Curl Souffle.  I did this last night and let it air dry for about an hour and put it in a pineapple ( ponytail on top of my head ) and put a bonnet on. When I woke this morning my hair was still wet.. ( I have have thick hair) so I sat under the hair dryer for a bout 30 mins.

I was please with the results so far. My hair was getting dry and I needed to try something different. My hair feels so soft a moisturized . I will see if I am able to achieve 2nd curls which is a challenge for this head! I hope all you beautiful ladies have a terrific Thursday!