If I could say that there is one thing that I am extremely passionate about it would be helping another women find their beauty. I believe it really has to do with the low esteem issues I experienced for a good part of my  life. I think turning 40 was that turning point for me that it when it finally clicked for me. I was finally ready to see past on the negative thoughts I had and focus on what I liked about myself. 

I had the experience of a lifetime when I was 42 years old. I was flown to New York City and given model treatment ,  got new clothes , my  hair and makeup done by professionals and a awesome model type photo shoot in MILK studios .. I can't begin to explain the way that whole experience changed the way  I felt about myself.  I want all women to feel that way at least one time in their life...

And than I met Casey Brothers  a local photographer  I had admired her work and I saw the transformation she was capturing with her beautiful photography  When you put two people together that are passionate about something .. the wheels instantly start spinning .

In 2016 myself and local businesses will bring "I Choose to Be " project to life. We will select a total of 12 well deserving women in the Fort Wayne  area and give them a makeover.  This would include hair, makeup , clothes a style session with yours truly and much more and will top it off a professional photo shoot with Casey  at Le Petite Studios  . It is our  passion to assist these women find the beauty that lies within that maybe they have forgotten about. 

      We will select 1 women every month in 2016 please like our Facebook page here for up to date information on this project .  Please see the list of themes below and if you know someone that has faced some adversity , a cancer survivor a single mom that is barely making end meet than please nominate at ichoosetobe2016@yahoo.com. We would love to hear her story.

                                                                  I Choose to Be
                     January- We are looking for someone that is turning a new leaf.
                    February- This month will focus on someone that needs to learn to love themselves.
                   March- Someone that has overcome mountain like obstacles in their life....

                  April- Someone that is blossoming and growing.
                 May- Someone who never takes time for themselves.
                 June- Someone that is moving onto a new chapter of their life.
                 July- An independent women. 
                August- A teacher that goes above and beyond.
               September- Someone that's life has been effected by suicide.
              October- A breast cancer fighter or survivor
              November- A caregiver that deserves to have a day to themselves
             December- Someone that is transforming her mind and body.

To give an idea of the of experience with the talented Casey  Brothers please see video below I promise you will be inspired.  If you are woman who has overcame or is going through struggles in life right now or if you know someone please nominate them .

                       You can also support this project by purchasing a t-shirt here

                  I would like to thank everyone for stopping by it's always a pleasure!

                                           XOXO - Mary  aka Curlybyrdie