With a daughter in college and a son that is now a senior in high school. I thought for sure that my days of wearing a crop top were way past me! Well, that was until I saw this little number in Forever 21.  Yes, you heard me right this 45-year-old was all the way up in that store. LOL.  Now make no mistake this mama wouldn't dare wear everything up in there but I often find really fun pieces that don't break the bank. 

As I stood in the dressing room at Forever 21 and thought to myself " Am I too old for this crop top" I then asked myself. Do you feel good in this?  The answer was yeah it was cute and why not we often as women try to live by someone else's rules instead of making our own.  So eat the cake buy the crop top! 

 This past year I really come into a season of self- discovery and just doing things that bring me joy and this top brought me some joy. It's the little things in life. Today a crop top tomorrow and Pumpkin spice latte oh wait it's not time yet! Oh Snap! 

So taking this photo in the coffee shop was out of my comfort zone. People ordering their iced lattes and I am up in here posing. Well, you do what you have to do I guess and I honestly love this shot so a special shout out to my photographer Casey! 

                                                Photo Cred: Casey Brothers Le Petite Studios                                                
                                                       Check below for details on this look 

                           I want to thank you for much for stopping by it means so much to me!

                                                XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie