I just love wearing bright and bold colors at least I do now. There was a time when I gravitated towards black and that I that was reflective of how I felt about myself at that moment.  Now in my 40's I feel bolder braver and not afraid to stand out! Which is a good thing and it's taken me many years to get here. 


This skirt and top set from New York and Company and the colorful stripes are just an immediate attention getter and not mention it so comfy and I am all about that life these days. 

I just love the vibrant colors and movement of this outfit and thought the photos needed to reflect that. There is nothing quite as exciting as the downtown area in Fort Wayne it has really grown in the past few years and is really the place to be I absolutely love it! 

                            A smaller city with a big city feel ... Come on Fort Wayne! 

I just love finding two-piece outfits that appear to be a dress or a jumpsuit it just gives you so many more styling options.  I could style the skirt with a solid color top or perhaps a graphic tee and wear the top with jeans or pants just to change up the look. 

I decided to add even more of a statement by adding gold sandals to the look.  After all gold just makes everything more fabulous!


                                         Photo Credit - Casey Brothers Le Petite Studios

                           You can click on photos below for links to the items in this look. 

As always I want to thank you for stopping by it means so much to me!   And don't forget to always live your life in color!