Hello, Lovelies! It's that time of the month that I get the opportunity to collaborate with the some of my favorite fashionistas the #Fab40s a group of international bloggers that come together to create our own personal take of a particular theme.  It was Jennie's turn to pick the theme of the month and I am so excited that selected graphic tees!  So many options for this basic item and I was very excited to see how these lovely ladies we going to style their tees!

I immediately started searching online for a graphic tee when I found out what the theme was. Now at first, I was on the search for a George Michael tee because in case you didn't know I am his biggest fan. I mean when I was 15,  I was for sure that he was going to be my husband but it wasn't to be.  LOL. 

So instead of showcasing my love for my one and only I found this super cute shirt with " Honey" on the front that I found on Forever 21 for only $6!  The only thing that came to mind when I saw this tee was that Mariah Carey song " Honey " back in the 90's! 

I chose to style it with this high-low ruffle skirt to stay true my feminine flair. This is also a Forever 21 find. I think it's so funny that this 21 x 2+3 lady is always finding such cute trendy items at this store. I think they should have a slogan " Not only your Daughters store". Just saying 

                                                           Fab 40's 

Jennie is speaking my language with this tee! Will work for shoes for sure. I love the chic and sophisticated look but then gives us some sexy vibes with the studded shoes and animal print accessories.  Thank you for such a great theme!

Ann always seems to make me so happy with her looks! She lives in Hong Kong and she makes it perfectly clear how she feels about it! I love how she expresses her love even more with the heart shaped glasses so fun quirky! Ann great look and you look great in shorts!

Sheela is always just giving me life with her looks and this month is no exception. First of all her tee  " Women Up" man so perfect everyone Women! Isn't that the code that we live by or at least aspire to! How many time have we had to "Women Up  " in our life? Now let's talk about this fabulous suit that I am totally obsessed with! I see you, Sheela! 

Suzi is a girl after my own heart! She decided to pair her tee with a tulle skirt!  I love the tee "Let's Shine"!  No matter what is happening in our life let's make an effort to shine anyway! I love positive words that inspire me! Love this Suzy 

Maria our guest blogger for the month had me at Hello with this shirt! I mean busy doing nothing isn't that the best kind of busy sometimes? We all need some days like that once in awhile. I love the comfy and casual approach to this theme! Thank you for being a part of this collaboration. 

So there you have it! Another fun month for the Fab 40's I can't wait to see what July will bring us! 
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                    As always I want to thank you for stopping by it means so much to me!

                                                  XOXO - Mary aka Curlbyrdie