When I love I love hard and I am having a love affair with this fabulous skirt for the Eva Mendes line.  This is actually the second time I have styled in the past two weeks. The color combo has me at hello and the quality is amazing! 

When you have a fab skirt you must find an amazing place to take photos so nowhere in Fort Wayne more fabulous than Wunderkammer Company    This nonprofit company that is revitalizing our community with art. So much creative beauty in one space! 

When I decided to style this skirt for the second time I decided to go with a more casual approach with the denim wrap shirt.  I love casually feminine vibes this look is giving. I think every woman should have a few denim tops in her wardrobe. Can you believe this one only cost me $4.50? 

Finishing off the look with these super cute ginger colored sandals and Libby Edelman straw styled bag that I scored this past weekend. 

Can you believe this Artwork I mean I couldn't make up my mind on where I should take my photos and isn't that a great problem to have? 

This is my very  favorite wall and you can check out this artist's work (here)

    Details on this look at the bottom of this post!  You can check out my first look featuring this skirt (here)

As always I want to thank you stopping by it means so much to me! Wishing you a colorful week full positive vibes and lots of fun! 

XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie