The first step is admitting you have a problem and the truth is this girl has gotten an obsession with the Kimono. Now I am not sure what happen or what started this but looking back over the past year I am noticing a pattern and guys there is a definite fascination.

Kimono (sim)/ Cropped Jeans (sim)/Shoes (here)/Bag (here)

I recently found this gorgeous green kimono at my local Forever 21 for only $ 9. I love when they have an additional 50 % off sale it's the perfect time to get those on-trend items without denting that back account to bad. I decided to style this with my high waisted cropped jeans that I scored for $5 at my local HM and they are absolutely perfect. I wasn't sure how I would style the kimono but I am glad that I settled on this. 

I love how versatile the Kimono or duster is there are so many styling options so I am sharing some of the looks I have created with this trend 

This Kimono/ Swimsuit cover as it stated on the website is colorful and amazing because it is multi-functional it can be worn as a duster but also would work well as a dress as pictured below and also a swimsuit cover up! 

Kimono (sim)/ Jumpsuit (sim) Shoes (sim)

When you are able to find fabulous item piece that you can style many ways you are creating a bigger wardrobe and more bang for your buck. This Orange Kimono that I found at my local JCPenney is gorgeous and vibrate the color combo is really caught my eye and then I thought about the styling possibilities it was a yes!

Kimono (here)/ Jeans (here)/ Shoes (here)

Kimono (here)/ Jeans (sim)/ Shoes (sim)

Making a statement is easy with a fabulous kimono like this extra long and oversize piece 

Using Kimono's dusters as an option in your professional wardrobe. This trend can be casual and fun but can also be office ready it all depends on what you are looking for! 

You can shop some super cute options in all sizes below! 

Kimono (here)/ Shoes (here)

As always I would like you to thank you for stopping by it means so much to me! Sending some Kimono love your way! Have a fabulous week. 

XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie