I was a girl that hardly ever wore jeans growing up . I was dress girl but I think that was partly because it was difficult for this pear shaped girl to find the perfect fit. So in my 40's I have suddenly gotten a little fascination with jeans.. Well great fitting jeans that is. 

These Curvy Forever Flattering jeans from  Angel Forever Young are the perfect fit for this curvy girl.  The come up high enough in the back to I am not showing all my business LOL and to top it off there is a tummy tech panel that gives you smooth silhouette . 

If there is a wardrobe must for an Indiana this time of year it would definately be some quality denim 

This cute top with scarf is also from the Angel's Forever line and right now under $15 (here) I decided to tuck it in after all the tummy panel in these jeans will make you want to show off your waistline 

What I love about this line is the options for jeans is amazing for a great price point and you know that I all about getting quality pieces for great prices. 

Do you Fashionista's find it difficult finding a great fitting jean? What are some your favorites ?

                          As always I want to thank you or stopping by it's always a pleasure.

                                                         XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie