Holiday season not only is the best time of the year but it is the busiest especially for Mama's like me. There are holiday work parties, concerts and family gatherings just to name a few and than we have to play Santa not mention the cooking oh what's a girl to do? I am getting tired just thinking about it that is exactly why this girl is always at Starbucks

I think with our busy life  we all need those go to outfits that we can throw on for these countless obligations we have during  this season of festivities. I went with a simple and more basic approach without sacrificing the fabulous . I love putting on a cute pair of jeans adding a jacket and some jewelry and feeling great when I roll up at the Christmas concert at school. I mean even if we are exhausted we can at least fake it ..LOL 

 What I love about a cape blazer like this Nichole Miller from +Jcpenney it that you can look chic and fabulous with very little effort .  I mean this time of year I don't have time to try and put something together for every occasion an cape blazer just says.. Darling I am in the fashion know. 

                             Jacket - (here), Jeans -(here)- Necklace (here), Shoes (sim)

This is such a versatile look the fabulous jacket will be an excellent piece add some excitement to those staple pieces that you already have in your closet like those dresses that you haven't worn in ages.  You can reinevent that dress and make it new again. 

                                                     Getting Jazzy with It 

I like simple fixes so I  just switched  out my  cape blazer for something with a little extra bling like this sequin jacket from +Eccentric kristoure  . I feel like I am ready kick my heels up and party .. Yeah this 40 something still knows how to have a little fun. 

Jacket (here)

How about you Fashionista's how do you balance it all during the busy season? 

I told you this 40 something girl still knows how to kick her heels up but that is me walking out of 2016 and into 2017 looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me. 

Thank you so much for stopping by ! 

XOXO Mary aka Curlbyrdie