It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas finally!  I have been busy traveling these past few months and it seems like the time has just gotten away from me but I am now getting in the swing of things. 

I can remember when I was growing up the most exciting part of the Holiday Season was Christmas Eve . We would go to the Christmas Eve Service at our church. My school would have a beautiful program every year where we would sing my favorite songs and carry candles it was a magical night.  

I used to get so excited to see what my Mom picked out for me to wear that night. I remember the velvet and lace dresses complete with tights and patent leather shoes . She always made sure we all looked our best that night .

         Skirt - Jcpenney (here), Top - Jcpenney (here), Shoes (sim), Choker (sim)

I am still that little girl during the holidays that loves to get all fancy with skirts and dresses it really takes me back to my childhood and those nights singing in the Christmas Eve service and my Grandfather driving us by the Christmas lights after service and heading to his house for donuts and punch .. Oh those memories are everything .

I fell in love with the gorgeous skirt the moment I say it at +JCPenney  it the perfect skirt for the holiday season.  The petticoat underneath gives you that classic feel and the polka dots give a little bit of modern flair which I love.  There something about gold and black that just screams sophistication. 

      I added the lace top and fun shoes to keep the look sexy and it young and on trend..

The perfect look for an office party or one of those Christmas programs at church. I love pieces               that I can utilize for various occasions and these pieces can do just that. 

I just love this time of year not just for the fashion but for spending time with the people you love. We all just get so busy in life that it's easy to forget the most important things. This should be a time that we remind ourselves of what those things are.

As always I want to thank you for taking time out of our day and stopping by to see little ole' me. 
It means so much to me.  I hope you all are enjoying your holidays 

                                          XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie