I can honestly say that I have plenty to be thankful about . My kids and I are healthy , my  parents are still with me and my 93 yr old Grandmother is still as spunky as ever. As you get older you start thinking about what really matters. I mean sure I love talking about my  fashionable finds because that is my passion but when I think of what is really important than family is always what comes to mind.  I am the proud mom of two pretty awesome teenagers .. well as awesome as teenagers can get ..Can you imagine what this household is like you have 2 moody teenagers and Mama that is going through menopause.. Thank the Lawd for caffeine and retail therapy  .. LOL

I really wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my 17 yr old daughter who is a senior in high school.. I have seen this little girl turn into this beautiful swan right in front my eyes. Do you remember those awkward teenage years?  I remember mine all to well and it hurts see your baby go through it and know that she doesn't feel good about herself.  She got her senior pictures done a few weeks ago and it was that moment that I realized my baby is no longer a baby anymore that transition to young adult just slapped me in my face .. and it hurt.  I saw that gorgeous butterfly spread her wings.   It is not only her stunning exterior that amazes me but it her beautiful heart.  All those years that I felt like I was teaching her she was teaching me so much about myself.  I thank God everyday for the blessing of her .  I don't know you if have ever seen that show the Gilmore girls .. There was flighty fun Mom and this down to earth , very intelligent daughter who was wise beyond her years.. It reminds me so much of us.. 

So on this Thanksgiving day when I think about something I am thankful for it is my  daughter, my  baby my  friend that I was blessed with the gift of you. . When you have a daughter you can be sure that you will have a friend for the rest of your life..