"It is time to quit living in the back seat of life ! " says Michelle Washington founder and CEO of organization Women of More ( Making Ordinary Reality Extraordinary) .  Such a powerful statement if you really think about it .Are letting your life pass you by and not living in your purpose? We go around playing the Mother role  , full time worker but  there is more to us .  Are we living our purpose... our MORE ?  Women of More is an organization that designed to navigate women to their more.

When I met Michelle Washington  at women's retreat I immediately noticed her warm encouraging spirit she is such a powerful force. Not only is she beautiful but it is her positive attitude  and that powerful voice that really gets your attention.   She is passionate about making a difference in other women's lives and helping them find their more.  Michelle was kind enough to answer a few questions I had about her organization.

1 . How long have you been in business ? 2 Years
2. How did you come up with the name of your shop? What was the inspiration behind it? 
I was so frustrated with the way society was placing labels on us as women and placing us in a box.  What really intensified my frustration was some women were believing and accepting this as truth and a way of life.  I said to myself, I am a Woman of MORE!  In that very moment it hit me, I wanted to use what I was purpose to do and give this Aha Moment a voice to let women know they were, Women of MORE.  Hence the name of the business.  We as women have the capacity to do and be MORE than those limitations society and unfortunately the limitations we place on ourselves.
3.   When did you discover that empowering women  was your passion ?
I discover my purpose when I was 9 years old.  I knew I was purpose to inspire and empower women.  My first audience was my teddy bears.  I would have them sitting in front of me while I was developing what I believed was living on the inside of me.  Through many trails and victories in my life, today I stand knowing who I am and knowing my purpose as a Woman of MORE.

4 . What has been the best thing about starting Women of More ? 

Timing and knowing I'm doing the right thing at the right time while seeing women gain and accept their MORE.

5 . Do you have any upcoming events that you want to share ? 

November 21, 2016:  We will launch our next campaign called, You Matter. 

March 2016:  Women of MORE Women’s History Month Events
When I was introduced to this awesome video it really woke up something within me . It motivated me to find my more.  It forced me to ask the question  .. Is there more to me than what I am doing right now ?" and the answer is yes!   This video will have you asking yourself the same question. 
When I found out that Women of More had a t-shirt line I just knew that I had to add this my wardrobe and style it two different ways because I am Woman of More !
If you are interested in a tshirt email   womenofmore@gmail.com sizes Small - 3XL


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