It's no secret I love some animal print! I don't know if it's the wild side in me or what.. ( Please see my hair) . I got these pants from Jcpenny's a few weeks ago.. and when I saw the price of $2.97 that gave me encouragement enough to give these a whirl . I love the fact that these babies feel like PJ's being that I woke at 4 am and wasn't able to go back to sleep. I think these were the perfect choice for today. When my sister aka Single black female( please watch the old movie) saw me with these pants she didn't hesitate to see if she could find these at Jcpennys herself.. and yeah she did.. please see pic below.. LOL . I hope you ladies are have a terrific Tuesday!


Pants- Jcpenny Mango- got these in store $2.97 ( pays to look in store)
Top- H&M - This was $15 but I got an item free... so $7.50
Jacket - Sears - last year $20
Bracelet - Charming Charlies $5
Ring - JLO for Kohls