I had to try and transition this dress with it only costing me about $3. I can't take credit for this find my baby sister totally found this.... What can I say I taught her well;) . I got this during our little shopping haul at Jcpenny! It was awesome being out there with my sister and my Mom. U have to know my Mom this is a rarity for her.  She even joined in on fitting room festivities. ..where we try on stuff and dance around when we love something.....now she didnt participate in the dancing.(that would have been toooo much) lol. She was able to find her a  $3 dress as well...with my assistance of course!

I matched this up with a jean jacket and cheetah booties...topped it off with some pearl accessories.  I did notice an elderly woman looking at shoes as if she was saying ...why in the he%% did put those shoes with nice black dress and pearls..lol!
Oh well she obviously hasn't been following any fashion blogs:)

Dress- Jcpenny $3
Jean Jacket - Goodwill $4 (DKNY)
Booties-Macys (last year) $20
Necklace -H&M - $7
Bracelet- Jcpenny $2
Bangle- Francesca's $4