I bought this plaid shirt for my son to wear on Mothers day.. and when I told him to wear it for picture day he informed me that it was so small.. and sure enough the arms were like high waters! LOL.. This boy wore size 7 in gym shoes last year at this time and he is now in a 10.  My baby boy is growing up... Instead of me getting rid of this shirt I thought.. I love colors in this shirt I am going to wear this myself. Well my 15 year old daughter had the same idea and decided she was wearing it to school. Now that is was what I call multi use!  To think I got this at Kohls on the clearance rack for like $8.. That is truly getting your money's worth. I immediately thought of this shirt when I read  The Fashionista Next Door  Style Me Friday challenge.. I love her blog and have been wanting to participate for a while.. so here is to new things. Let me know what u think!

Shirt - Kohls - Chaps boys shirt- $8
Skirt - Jcpenny - $8
Booties - DSW -$35
Bracelet - $ 5 Charlotte Russe
Necklace- H &M $3
Jacket - Sears $2