I am overjoyed that it is Friday and it's the weekend before my birthday!Last year I turned the big 40 and made a deal of it.. this year I just wanted to do things low key... a romantic dinner with my sweetie and some quality time with my kids.. which I guess would be a Zombie walk according to
them. So now that I am no longer 40 and I am in my forties. I thought I would feel differently .. I thought I would be on of those women that would lie about her age .. and stay 39 forever or for at least for 10 years. I am happy to be 41 .. I am thankful that I get to see this age.. I am getting like my Grandmother who just turned 91.. She always says " They can't believe I'm 90 years old" ! She says this daily... everyday.. LOL.. She still swears she is the prettiest thing out there... I love that about her! I love her spunk, her sense of humor and confidence.. I only hope first of all I live that long.. and have all those qualities! 

I was leery about getting this leather look skirt I wrestled with the idea of me being to old to rock this.... after much debating I said what the heck.. I am about to do this and do it with confidence.. just like my Granny!

Skirt - Jcpenny - Leather look skirt - $9 ( got in store with coupon of course :)
Top - Kohls - Apt 9 -  old got this last year
Jean Jacket - Goodwill - $4
Shoes - Macys booties - $20 last year
Bracelet - Body Central $1.99
Ring and Earrings - Kohls - Old